Get The Cost Subsidised

Many homes in Ireland have energy credits (sometimes called carbon credits) attached to them for use towards installing a range of specific energy efficiency measures. This scheme is administered by the SEAI and if your home qualifies under their terms you can use one of these credits to avail of a discount off the cost of your HubController and installation. To make your life even easier we will handle all the paperwork, you just need to complete our below form which our team will process to activate your discounted price!

Your home must have been built prior to 2007.

Your heating system must be oil or gas.

The credit must not have already been used for this efficiency measure by you or prior owners (previous upgrades to your boiler, heating controls or heating system may make your home ineligible).

You must have broadband (WiFi) in your home with a strong signal in the location of your current thermostat/timer clock/digital programmer. Please note mobile hotspots are not sufficient.

The HubController replaces your existing heating controls (thermostat/timer clock/digital programmer/switch) allowing for a quick and easy installation with no need for additional cabling or disruptive works in your home. However, it is worth noting that in order to qualify under the terms of this scheme the SEAI have set out some specific conditions around the location of the HubController. If you feel the current location of your heating controls will render you ineligible don't worry - just give us a call and, in tandem with our third party installers, we can discuss options for relocation of your controls in order to qualify under this scheme.

The HubController must be located in a room with a radiator without a thermostatic radiator valve (TRV) so it can measure the temperature of your home.

The HubController must not be located in a small room with a tumble dryer as this is likely to give a false high temperature

The HubController must not be located within close proximity (apx 2 meters) of a primary heat source (such as a stove, cooker hob or open fire) as this is likely to give a false high temperature

  Qualification Form