My Happy Heating Cycle


My main features:

Heating Schedule Management.

We understand that everyone's home life and routines are different so in order to give you the most flexible heating management solution our HubController has a 24 hour a day 7 days a week adjustable programmer. This allows you to create multiple heating events/schedules in advance to match you specific needs.

Multiple Users & Devices.

Your HubController can be linked to multiple phones via the app meaning everyone in your home gets smart control of the heating. Likewise the app can be linked to multiple devices so you can keep an eye on your loved ones, an elderly neighbour or friend and make sure they are keeping warm.

Complete Control.

Unlike many smart thermostats the HubController has a default of OFF. This means you are not spending money on heating when you don't need to. With your HubController you will be in complete control of your home heating bills

Temperature Accuracy.

The HubController gives an incredibly accurate temperature read making it much more efficient than traditional timer clocks and digital thermostats. You can set your desired temperature for your home by .1 of a Degree Celsius.

Frost Protection.

If the temperature drops below 6 Degrees Celsius and your pipes are at risk of freezing this feature will automatically turn on your heating to bring the temperature back up to 6 Degrees Celsius and prevent burst pipes and water damage.

Holiday Mode.

Off on a break? Turn on Holiday Mode on your HubController to suspend any heating schedules you have in place while you are away and at the click of a button resume your scheduled routine when you get home.

Heating Boost.

On the HubController or the smart phone app you can turn your heating on, off or simply just boost it for 60 minutes!