Ireland's only proven
Automated Energy Manager
Proven to save, on average, €274 per year off your home heating bills!
An independently verified study across 800 Irish homes over 3 years found:

I reduce energy waste & therefore save you money off your heating bills
I reduce, on average, 1 tonne of carbon emissions per household per year
I'm also smart with an app that allows you to control your heating from anywhere!
Automatic Energy
Reduction Technology
The Hub Controller replaces your old heating thermostat or timer clock and has been proven to deliver a 34.7% average reduction in energy consumption for home heating. Our AER Technology eliminates energy waste without customers having to change their lifestyles, comfort levels or behaviour when heating their homes.
Save a tonne of carbon
This reduction of energy use is not only good for your pocket but also for our planet as the HubController saves on average 1 tonne of carbon emissions per household per year.
Control your heating on the go
My app means you can control your heating from anywhere via your smartphone.
What our customers say
"The best thing ever! I had my heating system in for about 15 years and could never set the timer, could only boost or put it on constant. Now that I have the Hub, I can set it to go on before we get up on these cold mornings. It's great plus I can set it to whatever temperature I need. And if it gets too warm, I can just turn it off from my phone. If I go out for a walk and it's getting chilly, I can just put it on from wherever I am. Now how good is that. It's the best decision I ever made. It doesn't control you... You control it. Highly recommend it."
Linda Treacy, Dublin
"I think I'm in credit with my oil for the first time in 20 years, I'm down 3 (oil tank) fills since 2018. Before it was fitted I would set the timer for WHEN we would think we would be home, but now I can set by phone for when I KNOW we'll be home"
Shirley Murphy, Waterford

"Not only am I saving money off my monthly bills but I'm also doing my bit for the environment which is an added bonus!"
Steve O Reilly